Monday, August 30, 2010


This is another post where I played the role of stylist to someone. Chevonne goes to school with me and offered to let me look over her clothes last Thursday and come up with brand new outfits. I made sure to ask her if what I was picking had already been done by her and if she was comfortable in the outfits. If it was something she would never wear out of the house, I went back and tried to come up with something else. In total I came up with 6 new outfits in about an hour; we would've done more but she had class and I had other errands to run. The jewelry all came from my outrageously large collection (seriously, it looks like I'm a jeweler) while everything else was hers. She liked one of the outfits so much she wore it out that same night! Chevonne is 5'4 and has a curvy body shape. I tried to piece together outfits that could easily go from class on campus to meeting up with friends to going out. I definitely tried to play up her waist and cute shape so others with a similar body type can get an idea of what to wear.

The first outfit I put a lace tank top under a dark denim wash, gold buttoned dress. There are pockets on the side of the dress as well. Dark denim is flattering for ANY body type, and the gold buttons down the middle acted like a necklace. None of the rings I had were a match for the gold but a gold ring would've been a finishing touch. The dress came in at the waist, which was flattering. Without that added shape, the dress probably would have looked too big and baggy on Chevonne.

The second outfit is my fave and the one she wound up wearing out that night! She has a plain black leggings, a black knit top with a lace pattern on top and a cropped denim wash shirt over it. If you wear head to toe black, you should try to break it up with some kind of color. The denim top was perfect, and nipped in at her waist. The top came down to almost mid-thigh; the necklace and rings were great accents. Without the denim and the leggings changed to a black pant, Chevonne could easily wear that to work.

The third outfit is something she could definitely wear on campus to class, especially in spring, summer and early fall. I started with a simple blue dress and added a long, tunic style cream colored top. The belt literally pulled it all together, again showing off her waist and the necklace brought out the brown in the belt and shoes, while adding to the cream and blue in the clothes. She can always take off the tunic if it gets too hot.

The fourth outfit is similar to the third, only a little more dressy. It's a darker colored blue dress with a charcoal colored knit shawl-like top; because of how it lays, Chevonne can either have the belt on or leave it off. I think the hem was bubble-like, which is flattering on her at that length. You never want it too high, otherwise it will accentuate your hips too much and add weight where you don't want it.

The fifth outfit is a different take on the white tee and denim classic look. Instead of a white tee, I used a fitted white tank top. Skinny light wash jeans instead of a bootcut/straight leg style. I added a sleeveless, brown knit top over it, along with a necklace that helped picked up the brown and white. In my personal opinion, skinny jeans look best on girls that have curves. Others may disagree but I really don't care. Chevonne has other colored tanks, and she could easily switch them out for the white and trade her light wash skinnies for dark wash/black colored ones. Another outfit perfect for class.

The last outfit is another great one for going out. The black tank has a sequined, sparkly bow design on the front so I used a bow ring to go along with it. She's wearing her plain black leggings again, along with a purple sleeveless knit top that is just like her brown one. She can trade the leggings for jeans if she wants to.
I think the best thing about these looks is that they came from items she already had but had never pieced together. 6 new outfits for FREE. The best kind! If anyone else wants me to come do this, let me know and we can schedule something. You never really know what you have in your closet until you let someone else take a peek.

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