Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stretch Anything Is A Blessing

Whoever invented stretch denim/pants/bottoms should have streets named after them. Yesterday I worked Tax Free Weekend (aka Out of Line People Weekend) and I wore some black pants that were stretchy to work. Everytime I wear them people think I've lost weight. Why? Because contrary to popular belief, FITTED clothing makes you look SMALLER. The added stretchiness makes them very comfortable and compliments women who have a pear shape, like mine.
I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans and the ONLY reason why I can wear them and don't look like a fool is because they are stretchy, figure-forgiving material. I use Torrid's Tripp brand. The first pair I bought I wore them out so bad they went from black to dark charcoal from all the washing and wearing.
Embrace the stretch. Love the stretch. Buy the stretch lol. Especially anyone who is also considered "plus size". It will change your life for the better!


  1. what stinks is that at Torrid they dont have tall enough jeans for me in the stretch jean! it blows when my pants are constantly falling off haha because i buy my jeans from either alloy or tall girl shop (which recently closed in dallas) and they are jeans for skinny girls that are shaped for them but just doubled in size to apparently fit the plus size tall girl. With that the pants do not fit my body and it really blows. That is my my major is fashion merchandising because I am wanting taller fashion for women to be found in more places than the internet for the convenience of trying on with out the hassle of shipping and handling which can add up! This is awesome that your doing this blog I would love to help you in any way possible! :D take care!

  2. I agree Allison, sometimes I have to buy a regular in the jeans because the tall is too short or sometimes the tall isn't long enough. The Tripp brand is perfect for me though, it's the only brand I wear. I wish they had more styles and colors to choose from but oh well. Tall girls love fashion just like our shorter counterparts and designers need to remember that! I'll message you later today on FB about helping me out with the blog. Spread the word, curvy and tall girls need to be recognized as being fashionistas :)


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