Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tuesday I went thrifting with one of my friends. We decided to go to Goodwill. We had tried thrifting before but not really been in to it. Tuesday we hit the jackpot! Apparently our Goodwill buys from Fossil as well as accepting donations, so I walked away with an almost new dark brown crossbody bag with cute detailing, a mens wallet, a fuschia colored 2 piece suit and an elastic waistband floral print dress. My friend scored a faux leather jacket that fit her perfectly, a new wallet and a leopard dress.
We plan to DIY our dresses and my suit into things more fitted and modern. The suit jacket could easily be turned in to a fitted blazer once I get it tailored and switch out the buttons. The skirt I may shorten and add lining to it. Idk yet about my dress or my friend's, we're still coming up with ideas.
Enjoy the pictures!

I don't know why, but I like how simple this is. It was only $5!
My friend saw this and I practically snatched it out of her hand. I love the design on the front and the key accent.

Love love LOVE the color! It just needs to be doctored up. I can totally see myself throwing this over a high waist skirt, jeggings or skinny jeans. Or one of my black dresses.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do with this? I'm thinking about cutting it up into either a top or shortening it, adjusting the sleeves and maybe changing the buttons. Who knows?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's finally here!

For my fellow fashionable Texans, H&M is finally here at Northpark! Last Wednesday I got the exclusive chance to get a sneak peek of the store and all that it offers. The RSVP also secured an extra spot for a guest, so I took one of my friends Dezzy along with me. We were able to enjoy complimentary drinks upon entering the store and small appetizers :) Delicious!

It was absolute chaos once we were granted access. Almost like getting in to a nightclub lol. I had to get my name checked off the list and told them Dezzy was my guest. Police and security were everywhere, we counted 9 officers. News crews were in full effect, taping everything and getting interviews from other shoppers. People of various ages, ethnicities and social class were crawling all over the place. Waiters/waitresses were moving about the crowd, offering champagne and wine. An open bar was on both sides of the bottom floor. Others floated around offering everything from chocolate covered cheesecake to fruit. All the employees were very friendly and helpful, offering tips and shopping bags to help things run smoothly. With the 25% discount offered for that night only, I was ready to shop!

Let me just say, for those who are apprehensive about being plus size and shopping in straight size stores, DO IT. My dresses are a size 14 and I am definitely not! They are not tight or constricting, I do not have muffin top and they don't cling to my body. The top is a Large and fits just fine! Get to know fabrics and your body, you'll be surprised at what can actually fit!

I snatched up a soft, faux leather brown crossbody bag, a light pinky-peach colored dress, and a dark pumpkin colored crop top. I went back the next day because my pink colored dress had an ink stain on it so I made an even exchange. I also picked up a sheer, high collar, black dress I had been eyeing the night before. They were very nice about it. I've always liked H&M, so be prepared for tons of posts about them in the future!

What I wore to the event! Purple button up: Faith21//Leopard camisole: Torrid//Black ponte knit jeggings: Lane Bryant//Leopard flats: Target//Beaded black necklace: NY&Co.//Black ring: Charlotte Russe

Denim vest with gold buttons: Old Navy//Multicolored gem necklace: NY&Co.

(I just threw the crop top over my camisole and jeggings)

In case you're wondering, YES I am obsessed with crossbody bags lol. Specifically brown ones.

Sorry for the wrinkles, the fabric is wrinkle prone and had been folded up in the H&M bag before I took these shots.

Dezzy actually picked this up first and I immediately rushed over to see if they had one in my size as well. When i saw it still sitting there when I came back the next day I knew it was a sign!

Love the sleeves, they're 3/4 and the zipper adds a little kick in the back to an otherwise plain looking dress!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising

Hey people! I graduated around this time last week from my university, with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising. I just wanted to share some photos of what I wore really quick.

For my actual graduation, I wore an ASOS Curve Spring Floral dress. I'm tall with hips and a big butt so on me it wound up being a tunic lol. I paired that with basic black leggings from New York & Co. and some studded black peep toe flats that had a bow. My trusty big black ring, black belt from Target and beaded black necklace from New York & Co. completed the look.

For Saturday, I wore some denim shorts from Lane Bryant and a cream and black polka dotted top from Forever21. I also added the same black ring and a silver necklace from New York & Co.

For Saturday night, I decided to wear a black and white dress that has banding from the waist down, black booties with a ruffle on the front and a side zipper, and the same accessories from earlier. This is a dress I've worn twice before and I love how I look in it.

I had a pretty great weekend. I'm just happy I am OUT. Now it's time to start my fashion career.
I've also decided to include some pictures at the bottom from earlier in the summer when I was out and about with friends. My next posting will be from the clothing haul I purchased from H&M that just opened here in Texas, plus the outfit I wore to the exclusive preview :)

My cute zebra ring from Charming Charlie's! I had on Forever21's Taupe nail polish
Purple tunic/boyfriend shirt: Faith21+//Skinny black belt: New York & Co.//Wing necklace: Torrid//Black leggings: Target//Black boots: Ebay
Denim vest with gold buttons: Old Navy (from around 2004)//Grey and Black tank dress: Target//Wing necklace: Torrid//Silver and crystal bracelet: Target//Black ring: Charlotte Russe//Black patent wedges: TJ Maxx
Animal striped 3/4 sleeve cardigan: NY & Co.//Purple sleeveless top with a black waist: Target//Dark wash skinny jeans: Faith21+//Leopard flats: Target//Black envelope clutch: BCBG//Black beaded necklace: NY & Co.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fabric 101: Slub

Long time no write! I have been in academic overload since May because of my upcoming college graduation next week! (Major: Fashion Merchandising!) Congrats to me.

I have certain fabrics that I love and certain fabrics that I absolutely loathe with every part of my body. With that being said, I decided that every once in awhile I should dedicate a post to various fabrics just to help other plus size women when shopping. I had to take a Textiles class my sophomore year in college so this will be a memory refresher for myself as well.

This is the definition of slub according to

slub (slŭb)
transitive verbslubbed slubbed, slubbing slub·bing, slubs
To draw out and twist (a strand of silk or other textile fiber) in preparation for spinning.
noun1. A soft thick nub in yarn that is either an imperfection or purposely set for a desired effect.
2. A slightly twisted roll of fiber, as of silk or cotton.

Slub is a fabric that I loathe. This is a very thin fabric, used to make t-shirts, long sleeved tops and/or dresses. You can see straight through it most times, and it is very clingy (in my opinion). This means that if you have any ounce of "back fat" or "love handles" or are experiencing "muffin top" in the front because your pants are too tight, this fabric will only accentuate your problem area. If you even think about the idea of sweating, it will show up as well because it is so thin. You can pass your hand under it and almost see it.
The pattern/texture associated with slub is because of the irregularities it experiences when being twisted in preparation for spinning. Lumps are incorporated in to the fabric when it is weaved together, thus producing the acid-wash look on it.

You may like it or feel completely different from me and that's fine. But if you have a similar body type or are already self-conscious about your body, slub may not be the right fabric for you. In my experience it just drew more attention to the areas I was trying to camouflage. No bueno!