Friday, August 24, 2012


I have been on the hunt for colored skinny jeans for MONTHS and I have finally found some! I bought 2 pairs from Overstock, but throughout the day they stretchede almost up another size. Surprisingly, the ones I bought this time were from Forever21. Their jeans are hit and miss for me; sometimes they're almost a size too small, too short, too big and then occasionally, just right. I took a gamble and bought 7 pairs (I know, I know!) online so I could test out two different styles in different colors. According to some of the reviews, depending on which color you purchased would depend on the fit. Crazy right? I wound up returning 2 colors but the rest fit me pretty great. I love pairing them with either neutral tops or tops in the same color family for a slightly monochromatic feel. You can check out the ones I have here and here. Happy shopping!

P.S. Has anyone tried the ASOS Curve skinny jeans? I want the purple and green ones but I'm scared they'll either be super tight or super huge. I tried their chinos last year and they were ginormous on me in my usual jean size! Let me know your experience.