Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, here is my first post where I played stylist! This is Jennifer, a friend of my family. She's about 5'9, so this is especially beneficial to all the taller girls out there who want to get an idea of what to wear. Jennifer was looking for clothing to wear to work, but could also be worn outside of the workplace. We went shopping at NY&Co. and found some very good deals.
In the first outfit, Jennifer has on dark denim colored work pants. They're a dual effect kind of pant; the fabric and cut makes them work appropriate while the denim coloring makes them okay for casual wear. We decided to give the top a shot, and it wound up working perfectly. Since both items are in the blue color family, it made Jennifer look taller and even slimmer.
With the second outfit, Jennifer has on the same denim colored work pants. We originally tried a different cami-like top under her orange cardigan but found this flattering ruffle top instead. Even though Jennifer is of a lighter complexion, the cardigan color works because it's a darker orange shade. It's cold at work so she can easily slip it on at work and then take it off once she gets outside in the hot Texas heat.
The third outfit is similar to the previous once since it's the same style of cardigan in an ice blue color. The pants are the same. The neckline of the charcoal top is almost like a second necklace, but I opted to have Jennifer add another blue necklace on top to bring the whole outfit together. Again, she can leave the cardigan on for work and take it off upon leaving.
The last outfit was my absolute favorite. I should've taken a pic of the dress alone, but the ending outfit was so cute. The dress has a spaghetti strap and ruffles straight down the middle of it. Upon first glance, most would think the ruffles would add weight to the body. But even without the belt or cardigan, the cut of the dress was very stretchy yet fitted and more flattering than not. We added a plain black mesh-like cardigan over it and a studded skinny belt to complete the look. As you can see, Jennifer looks AMAZING. There's buttons where the ruffles are so you can leave some unbuttoned if you have a top to layer underneath.
**Jennifer wound up buying a second pair of pants (they were buy one get one FREE) and a few bodyshapers/camis to layer with.
Clothing that has different necklines, sleeves and added ruffles can be your best picks for outfits. They take the eye off an area you may not be fond of, leaving people curious with the idea of if they could pull it off. You can wear a color in the same color family head to toe and not look crazy. Always buy clothing that is more fitted to the body because it will subtract pounds, rather than add to them. Bulky clothing adds unnecessary and unflattering weight and can even make you look shorter than what you are. Embrace your height (I'm 5'10!) and pick colors that look the most flattering with your skin tone!

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