Friday, April 29, 2011

Hey Curl Hey!

This is a random post BUT I wear my hair naturally curly. I believe that I'm a 3C? I have very fine hair, a lot of it but it's very fine. Curly, it hits me a little past my shoulders. Straightened (which I do once a year for length check) it's past my bra strap in the back. Crrrrazyyyyy long. If anyone reading this is natural let me know! I love talking to other natural hair beauties.

Currently, I use a plethora of products. Yes to Cucumbers (shampoo and conditioner), Shea Moisture (moisture retention shampoo, deep conditioner masque and the curly hair milk), Kinky Curly Knot Today, Curls Creme Brulee, Desert Essentials whipped curl defining gel, Giovanni Leave-In, tried Carol's Daughter hair milk but I don't like the smell so I wanna sell it, and of course different oils to lock in the moisture and seal my ends.

I like those things but again, I'm a 3C (I think) so I don't need heavy stuff nor do I care for anything that isn't mostly natural in ingredients.

Here's my hair!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Outfit! OOTD

Technically it's now Monday morning but yesterday was Easter so I decided to look really cute for church. I pulled out one of my favorite dresses and my trusty grey cardigan. I completed the look with my fave black necklace, opaque tights and my cute peep toe studded bow flats. The weather outside was frightful, rain and wind and humidity (oh my!) but I refused to look busted for service. I wish I could've worn my curls all out but a) the product I used was a big fail on my hair and b) the humidity would've made my hair grow a la Diana Ross.
I had to use my camera's self timer because I got to my parents house before them and had to rush and change before heading to a family lunch at my Uncle's soooooo that's why I look blurry and awkwardish.

Everyone have a great week!

Dress- Forever21
Cardigan- NY and Co.
Black necklace- NY and Co.
Opaque tights- Walmart
Flats- Target

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I came home yesterday to see my sister and decided to try out some newer pieces from Forever21's plus size line. I bought the button up tunic shirt back in February and snatched the shorts last week when i went shopping with a friend. They're really stretchy like their jeans that I own. The only problem is that they fray reeeeally easily, so I was yanking at threads throughout the day. I bought the top in the biggest size, 3X so it would hit me at the longest length possible. It's really baggy on me but it looks kind of like a "boyfriend" top instead of ill fitting. I've worn it one other time with denim jeggiings and converse sneakers. I opted out of belting it because my super adorable satchel from H&M helped out with the shape a little bit.

These shoes are actually really comfy. Bought them from one of my fave places ever...Target :) They've lasted a year now and haven't really worn down too much.
When I went to Atlantic Station in Atlanta over the break, I SPECIFICALLY went to H&M to find this lol. One of my old co-workers has a similar bag from the amazing retailer and I was determined to find one for myself before leaving Atlanta.
I highly recommend you try out Forever21's pants! They're usually $11.50; I think one of my 2 pairs I paid $15? But that's a lot better than paying $52 at Torrid or Lane Bryant! They're all really stretchy and with me being 5'10 and 3/4 these jeans hit me perfect. I do have to shimmy in to them a little because of my derriere but in general I like their jeans/shorts/pants.
ALSO Target has a great selection in pants in their plus size section. I went up there last and tried on some denim trouser like pants..yesssss.
Happy shopping!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Leather Leather

I have been on a quest to find the perfect faux leather jacket for the past 81 billion years. I finally found it at one of my fave places to shop..TARGET! I purchased it about a month and a half ago but since I was in wedding mode (my sister got married!) I never posted any info on here.

For some odd reason it's not listed on their website (maybe they ran out?) but it was in the plus size section. It looks similar to the junior Xhilaration version; only difference is that the bottom doesn't have a snap button closure. I picked up the 2X just to make sure I had enough room to move my arms around and be comfortable but I prob could have gone with the 1X as well.

I've been dying to get my hands on one that has studding on it but maybe I'll find that next year. It's getting warmer now, especially here in Texas, so maybe the $39.99 price will go down in a few weeks! Happy shopping!

Here is the link to it (the Target website won't let me get the picture. plus i'm too lazy to get up and take a photo of mine, my workout today has left me wiped out):

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chic Fest!

I uploaded my pics from Chic Fest today from my phone. I meant to say this yesterday but the event was African-American run, which is so exciting. Dallas needs more fashion events in general, but also more African-American ones as well. Phone pics aren't that great but I was trying to be cute with my satchel and I couldn't fit my camera in there. SO you're stuck with iPhone uploads. I can't remember exactly where Chastity's outfit came from but you can check her blog and find out! She said she would do her post tomorrow.

Grey cardigan- NY and Co. (last year)

Floral print stretchy tunic- H+M (picked it up in Atlanta over Spring Break, they should have some more!)

Grey skinnies- Forever21 (last October)

Wing necklace- Torrid (clearance last year)

I wore some navy blue flats with a baby wedge from Target. Scored them for $7. They were comfy..until I had to walk 4 blocks in them. Hot mess. Snatched them off as sooooon as I got in the car. My comp is acting up so it wouldn't let me upload the pic of them.

The photographer there was really cool! His name is Julian Race and on the front of his card it says, "the race card". The back has his info. Look him up if you're trying to find a good photographer in the Dallas area. Anyway, let me know if you hear about some more fashion events in Dallas!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

About that..

Yeah so i failed at keeping my promise of keeping up with this blog. I've been super busy with my last year in college and blah blah blah.
I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to interview AND work with the lovely Chastity Garner from If you haven't checked her out you need to ASAP. Read her book, The Curvy Girl's Guide To Style! She is such an inspiration for all plus size women and girls, young and old. I was able to help her manage her table at Chic Fest today in downtown Dallas. She was the speaker and I was able to catch up with her as well. I was a total fashion nerd with her, all super geeked to be able to work with her again (if you're reading this Chastity I know you're laughing!).

Anyway, here's a couple pictures! Below each I'll put where I found each item. I will try to do better with this blog! :)

Grey Cardigan- NY and Co. (from last year)

Mint colored knit dress- Target (women's section; it looks blue but that's because iPhones are not great cameras)

Wing necklace- Torrid (last year on clearance)

Silver and jeweled bracelet- Target (2 years ago as a Christmas gift)

This was taken the day I interviewed Chastity!

Red t-shirt dress- Forever21 (January of last year)

Black cotton/spandex stretch boyfriend blazer- NY and Co. (late summer last year; super soft!)

Black stretch mini skirt- Forever21 (last November or December)

Opaque tights- Walmart :)

Gunmetal heeled boots- Target (last December)

Same winged necklace from above

Animal print cream colored 3/4 sleeve cardigan- NY and Co. (last summer)

Cream colored top with ruffled front and zipper back- NY and Co. (last summer)

Grey, acid wash skinny jeans- Forever21 (last October)