Friday, August 27, 2010

Banded Minis!

The original intent of this blog was to offer fashion advice/tips to other women who have hips, thighs and booty, aka "plus size" women. And not just the "fashion" type of plus size, which is generally a size 8 and up. I want to get to people like myself, who have to wiggle into a straight size store XL and have a list of specific stores for specific clothing items that will accomodate all that we have to work with. Seams, panels and fabric can be our best friends or worst enemies when the mood to shop strikes us.
I've recently become obsessed with mini/short skirts. For YEARS I was under the impression that "big girls can't wear that." Whoever made that up is a LIE. In fact, I think mini skirts look better on women who have thighs, booty and hips. It just depends on the fabric and your confidence level! I personally prefer something that has some spandex in it, so there's a little give and thhe skirt won't stretch out over the course of the time I'm wearing it.
In total I have 6 short skirts. They range from hot pink to a cute black and white pattern. I'll try to upload pics of them so you all can see what I have. I prefer the banded style, which is basically large horizontal stripes going around the skirt. Makes you look slimmer yet hugs your curves at the same time. The blue, pink, and two black skirts are from Forever 21's Faith 21 line, the yellow is from a store named Piatra and the multi-colored one is from Target's plus size line.
CONFIDENCE is key. If you're shy about showing off your legs, thighs and having something that shows off your booty lol, then I would not suggest this look. I always make sure whatever top I'm wearing isn't too revealing. No need for a bunch of skin showing, otherwise you may be approached by some raggedy guys.
The black and white skirt was a surprise for me. I follow Gabi, the writer of the blog Young, Fat and Fabulous/the new MTV TJ and she bought it, along with a girl she did a piece on. I decided to go for it and wound up wearing it out one weekend with some friends and got a lot of compliments. I encourage you to try this, something new. You never know how surprisingly flattering and amazing it can look on you!

These pics were taken on my phone/my roommate's phone. I'm having trouble finding my camera chord to upload, so I'll be using my phone. Sorry about the quality of the photos!

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