Friday, March 30, 2012

Lace + Sheer

Lace used to be such a taboo fabric to wear in public. Now, it's used for blouses, red carpet dresses, leggings and even shoes! I bought this lace top from F21 late last year. I should've bought it a size smaller but belting it helps to make it fit better. I decided to pair it with my maxi skirt from F21 as well; the more "affordable" version of my BCBG one. I have been wanting to incorpate scaves and head wraps in my daily wardrobe and picked up 2 scarves from Target. One is this black one, and the other is a black and white printed one. I was running late for work and just decided to tie it in a bow the way I had seen Taren916 on youtube tie one up. Anyone else into turbans, scarves and head wraps?

P.S. June Ambrose is a BOSS when it comes to turbans!


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