Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seeing Spots


I have a problem. In my current possession, I have 5 pairs of leopard print shoes (2 flats, one wedge, pumps and one ankle bootie), a leopard iPhone cover, a leopard tunic from Dorothy Perkins and 2 leopard print maxi pleated skirts from Forever21 and BCBG. Below are the items I own.

I am out of control! Lol but for real, I need to get a handle on my life right now, this is becoming an obsession. I would love a leopard print fitted dress and a few more tops but that just depends on 1) the seasons changing and 2) my bank account.

Anyone else obsessing over leopard? Or some other print? Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. ahhh I love leopard print too! I love all the shoes you have :)

  2. Girl I die for leopard too! Well, I die for pretty much anything kitty print! Shoot, I'd probably rock a goat if it was cute! LOL No, but seriously, I know what you are saying. It can get pretty ridiculous. I do love that pleated skirt tho....WOW! Thank you for all of your lovely comments! Kiah

  3. I love leopard just like Kiah. LOL!
    I love them shoes!
    Great post!

  4. @Joyce- leopard print is my weakness lol!

    @Kiah- you're welcome! A lot of stuff I contemplated buying on ASOS I end up seeing on you and it gives me that little push to click the purchase button! Lol not a goat!

    @Moya2bean-I just realized from reading your post we wear the same size! ShoeFab, Torrid and Target are my best friends!


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