Saturday, April 16, 2011


I came home yesterday to see my sister and decided to try out some newer pieces from Forever21's plus size line. I bought the button up tunic shirt back in February and snatched the shorts last week when i went shopping with a friend. They're really stretchy like their jeans that I own. The only problem is that they fray reeeeally easily, so I was yanking at threads throughout the day. I bought the top in the biggest size, 3X so it would hit me at the longest length possible. It's really baggy on me but it looks kind of like a "boyfriend" top instead of ill fitting. I've worn it one other time with denim jeggiings and converse sneakers. I opted out of belting it because my super adorable satchel from H&M helped out with the shape a little bit.

These shoes are actually really comfy. Bought them from one of my fave places ever...Target :) They've lasted a year now and haven't really worn down too much.
When I went to Atlantic Station in Atlanta over the break, I SPECIFICALLY went to H&M to find this lol. One of my old co-workers has a similar bag from the amazing retailer and I was determined to find one for myself before leaving Atlanta.
I highly recommend you try out Forever21's pants! They're usually $11.50; I think one of my 2 pairs I paid $15? But that's a lot better than paying $52 at Torrid or Lane Bryant! They're all really stretchy and with me being 5'10 and 3/4 these jeans hit me perfect. I do have to shimmy in to them a little because of my derriere but in general I like their jeans/shorts/pants.
ALSO Target has a great selection in pants in their plus size section. I went up there last and tried on some denim trouser like pants..yesssss.
Happy shopping!

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