Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chic Fest!

I uploaded my pics from Chic Fest today from my phone. I meant to say this yesterday but the event was African-American run, which is so exciting. Dallas needs more fashion events in general, but also more African-American ones as well. Phone pics aren't that great but I was trying to be cute with my satchel and I couldn't fit my camera in there. SO you're stuck with iPhone uploads. I can't remember exactly where Chastity's outfit came from but you can check her blog and find out! She said she would do her post tomorrow.

Grey cardigan- NY and Co. (last year)

Floral print stretchy tunic- H+M (picked it up in Atlanta over Spring Break, they should have some more!)

Grey skinnies- Forever21 (last October)

Wing necklace- Torrid (clearance last year)

I wore some navy blue flats with a baby wedge from Target. Scored them for $7. They were comfy..until I had to walk 4 blocks in them. Hot mess. Snatched them off as sooooon as I got in the car. My comp is acting up so it wouldn't let me upload the pic of them.

The photographer there was really cool! His name is Julian Race and on the front of his card it says, "the race card". The back has his info. Look him up if you're trying to find a good photographer in the Dallas area. Anyway, let me know if you hear about some more fashion events in Dallas!

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  1. Oooh you are Great Post...mine will be out tomorrow.


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