Saturday, April 2, 2011

About that..

Yeah so i failed at keeping my promise of keeping up with this blog. I've been super busy with my last year in college and blah blah blah.
I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to interview AND work with the lovely Chastity Garner from If you haven't checked her out you need to ASAP. Read her book, The Curvy Girl's Guide To Style! She is such an inspiration for all plus size women and girls, young and old. I was able to help her manage her table at Chic Fest today in downtown Dallas. She was the speaker and I was able to catch up with her as well. I was a total fashion nerd with her, all super geeked to be able to work with her again (if you're reading this Chastity I know you're laughing!).

Anyway, here's a couple pictures! Below each I'll put where I found each item. I will try to do better with this blog! :)

Grey Cardigan- NY and Co. (from last year)

Mint colored knit dress- Target (women's section; it looks blue but that's because iPhones are not great cameras)

Wing necklace- Torrid (last year on clearance)

Silver and jeweled bracelet- Target (2 years ago as a Christmas gift)

This was taken the day I interviewed Chastity!

Red t-shirt dress- Forever21 (January of last year)

Black cotton/spandex stretch boyfriend blazer- NY and Co. (late summer last year; super soft!)

Black stretch mini skirt- Forever21 (last November or December)

Opaque tights- Walmart :)

Gunmetal heeled boots- Target (last December)

Same winged necklace from above

Animal print cream colored 3/4 sleeve cardigan- NY and Co. (last summer)

Cream colored top with ruffled front and zipper back- NY and Co. (last summer)

Grey, acid wash skinny jeans- Forever21 (last October)

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