Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's finally here!

For my fellow fashionable Texans, H&M is finally here at Northpark! Last Wednesday I got the exclusive chance to get a sneak peek of the store and all that it offers. The RSVP also secured an extra spot for a guest, so I took one of my friends Dezzy along with me. We were able to enjoy complimentary drinks upon entering the store and small appetizers :) Delicious!

It was absolute chaos once we were granted access. Almost like getting in to a nightclub lol. I had to get my name checked off the list and told them Dezzy was my guest. Police and security were everywhere, we counted 9 officers. News crews were in full effect, taping everything and getting interviews from other shoppers. People of various ages, ethnicities and social class were crawling all over the place. Waiters/waitresses were moving about the crowd, offering champagne and wine. An open bar was on both sides of the bottom floor. Others floated around offering everything from chocolate covered cheesecake to fruit. All the employees were very friendly and helpful, offering tips and shopping bags to help things run smoothly. With the 25% discount offered for that night only, I was ready to shop!

Let me just say, for those who are apprehensive about being plus size and shopping in straight size stores, DO IT. My dresses are a size 14 and I am definitely not! They are not tight or constricting, I do not have muffin top and they don't cling to my body. The top is a Large and fits just fine! Get to know fabrics and your body, you'll be surprised at what can actually fit!

I snatched up a soft, faux leather brown crossbody bag, a light pinky-peach colored dress, and a dark pumpkin colored crop top. I went back the next day because my pink colored dress had an ink stain on it so I made an even exchange. I also picked up a sheer, high collar, black dress I had been eyeing the night before. They were very nice about it. I've always liked H&M, so be prepared for tons of posts about them in the future!

What I wore to the event! Purple button up: Faith21//Leopard camisole: Torrid//Black ponte knit jeggings: Lane Bryant//Leopard flats: Target//Beaded black necklace: NY&Co.//Black ring: Charlotte Russe

Denim vest with gold buttons: Old Navy//Multicolored gem necklace: NY&Co.

(I just threw the crop top over my camisole and jeggings)

In case you're wondering, YES I am obsessed with crossbody bags lol. Specifically brown ones.

Sorry for the wrinkles, the fabric is wrinkle prone and had been folded up in the H&M bag before I took these shots.

Dezzy actually picked this up first and I immediately rushed over to see if they had one in my size as well. When i saw it still sitting there when I came back the next day I knew it was a sign!

Love the sleeves, they're 3/4 and the zipper adds a little kick in the back to an otherwise plain looking dress!

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