Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fabric 101: Slub

Long time no write! I have been in academic overload since May because of my upcoming college graduation next week! (Major: Fashion Merchandising!) Congrats to me.

I have certain fabrics that I love and certain fabrics that I absolutely loathe with every part of my body. With that being said, I decided that every once in awhile I should dedicate a post to various fabrics just to help other plus size women when shopping. I had to take a Textiles class my sophomore year in college so this will be a memory refresher for myself as well.

This is the definition of slub according to

slub (slŭb)
transitive verbslubbed slubbed, slubbing slub·bing, slubs
To draw out and twist (a strand of silk or other textile fiber) in preparation for spinning.
noun1. A soft thick nub in yarn that is either an imperfection or purposely set for a desired effect.
2. A slightly twisted roll of fiber, as of silk or cotton.

Slub is a fabric that I loathe. This is a very thin fabric, used to make t-shirts, long sleeved tops and/or dresses. You can see straight through it most times, and it is very clingy (in my opinion). This means that if you have any ounce of "back fat" or "love handles" or are experiencing "muffin top" in the front because your pants are too tight, this fabric will only accentuate your problem area. If you even think about the idea of sweating, it will show up as well because it is so thin. You can pass your hand under it and almost see it.
The pattern/texture associated with slub is because of the irregularities it experiences when being twisted in preparation for spinning. Lumps are incorporated in to the fabric when it is weaved together, thus producing the acid-wash look on it.

You may like it or feel completely different from me and that's fine. But if you have a similar body type or are already self-conscious about your body, slub may not be the right fabric for you. In my experience it just drew more attention to the areas I was trying to camouflage. No bueno!

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