Thursday, January 12, 2012


If you know me, then you know I love Target.
Seriously...look through my OOTDs and you will see a trend. I love that place! And with a collab with Jason Wu Feb. 5th and a possible upcoming collab with YSL and Balenciaga, my love grows stronger lol. I went there last Friday with one of my friends and snatched up several items. 3 crop tops (yes, a plus size chick can wear crop tops) and 2 pairs of shoes. I wound up returning the shoes because they were ridiculously high for me and I almost fell trying to break them in around the house. Not cute at all. If you've seen Kevin Hart's "Seriously Funny", then you know what scene popped in my head when my ankle wobbled lol.
I have several high waisted skirts in my closet and some black skinny jeans that I'm thinking about wearing with the crop tops. I replaced the 2 pairs of shoes from there with 2 others from Torrid. I also bought several items from Dorothy Perkins so I'll be doing a review for both brands. Once I finally get around to wearing my crop tops, you KNOW i'll be snapping pics of what they look like on me.
Everyone have a wonderful Friday! :)

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  1. I love the zipper on the back of tops, such a chic detail.


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