Sunday, December 25, 2011


Sequin Black Cardigan, Silver Bangles, Fuschia Dress, Grey Striped Top, Geo Print Skirt: F21
Black knit vest: NY & Co.
Silver Necklace: Gift
Grey Beanie and Black Leggings: Target
Opaque tights: Walmart
(Not seen) Mary Jane Shoes: Payless
Black boots: eBay

Burgundy Bird Print Top: F21
Black Jeggings: Lane Bryant
Grey Knit Cardigan: NY & Co.
Purple Suede Boots: Nine West
Silver and Jeweled Bracelet: Gift

Faux Leather Jacket and Mint colored Dress: Target
Multi scarf and Black Beaded Necklace: NY & Co.
Headband: F21

Hope everyone has been having a very safe, happy and fulfilling holiday season. Haven't been on here since before Thanksgiving. Merry Merry Christmas, and I hope everyone had a wonderful day with loved ones. I'll try to update this tomorrow with what I wore this past week and today on Christmas!
LOL at the fake smile I'm giving in several of these pictures...I was TIRED from work!

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