Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Website! Featured Blog!

Sunday night I decided to make a website! It's very simple and not to snazzy for now. I wanted to see how many hits I would get and if I'm able to keep up with it before adding anything extra. It has all my quotes on there and a little info about me, along with a way to contact me for more information. You can find that here.

I also ordered my business cards because I just felt unprofessional always having to whip out my phone or tear slips of paper apart to write down how to contact me. They're very bold and cute, and have all my information on the front and back of them. I'm hoping to have them by next week so I can start passing them out.

ALSO, I met a woman (thanks Mrs. Marilou!) at my sister's church yesterday who does the social outreach/media for a beauty advisor named Helen Gibson-Nicholas. Her site has tons of information about skincare, hair, and products. If you are needing help with beauty, be sure to check the site out! You can find out more information about the site here.

Working in the fashion industry requires you to take a LOT in to your own hands, especially living here in the South where people talk more about sports and agriculture rather than the upcoming New York Fashion Week. If you choose this career path, make sure you have passion that will keep pushing you to be successful in all that you do!

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