Friday, November 12, 2010

It's About Time!

I have been obsessing over Forever21's Faith21 plus size line ever since they dropped it. For real. I cannot get enough of this line. I received a gift card for my awesome 21st birthday and spent it all PLUS some when i needed some retail therapy.

I CAN FIT IN THEIR SKINNY JEANS. I struggle SO MUCH trying to find pants that are not only long enough but stretchy enough for me. I scooped up my first pair for my birthday, a pair of light grey skinnies for only $24.50. I normally have to pay twice as much when I buy some from Lane Bryant and/or Torrid.
I bought my second pair of dark wash skinnies for $11.50. I didn't know whether to scream or cry from excitement. I wore them at a lecture Spike Lee gave at my university.

My birthday dress was from them, along with the top I wore at my school's version of 6th street in Austin (good ol' Fry!). It's ridiculous, every time I go in there i have to pick and choose what I really want over what I can wait on.
Plus there is literally 2 walls of shoes and an ENTIRE ROOM full of jewelry and accessories. Shut the front door! I'm in affordable fashion heaven every time I step foot in the overly lit, crazy techno rhythm store.

**I highly recommend that everyone try out Faith21, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Picture tiiiiiime (Jersey Shore-esque). Most of what you see me wearing is from there, a few pieces are also from New York & Co. and Lane Bryant.

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