Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Erin's Closet

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go through another closet and pull clothes! This time it was for Erin, a young lady I met sophomore year. I mentioned I was doing this a month ago at an event we were both at and she offered to let me create new cute outfits for her.

She lives in one of the dorms on campus, so we put all her clothes on her bed. In order to show you guys the full outfits, we laid them out on her floor. Dorms are super tiny! Again, these are all clothes she already has but has never put together herself before. A different perspective can be a wonderful thing.

Erin is 5''6 (correct me if i'm wrong girl!) and has cute curves like all the rest of my volunteers :)

The first outfit was a floral print halter dress which is perfect for the predominantly hot Texas weather. By placing a jeweled neutral colored cardigan over it, it instantly transitions to the fall/winter weather. She wanted outfits for church, work and everyday and this can easily be used for any of them.

The second outfit is my FAVORITE. She had this awesome navy blazer with embroidered patches on it. I paired it with a black top that has a lace neckline. Lace isn't exactly churchwear BUT if she layers the blazer or a cardigan over it, the lace won't be as upfront. We added simple black pants to finish the look. She can always substitute the black pants for a black skirt, either works.

The third outfit is very simple. She had a navy button up top she always paired with her jeans and I just suggested she pair it with some grey slacks she had.
Button up tops can be used as jackets as well! I learned that from my internship. It works best when they are of thicker material, maybe a heavier cotton or a blend of manmande materials. But i love the idea of a button up completely open, a tank and skinny jeans.

The fourth outfit is great for when she may have to go straight from class or campus to her job or something semi-casual. We paired a black plaid cap sleeve top with a green top that has a turtleneck and some dark wash denim pants. Very versatile, comfy and cute.

I pulled some more outfits but just wanted to show a few. I gave her a few tips and secrets, including the fact that you can mix blue with black, and also brown with black. If you make sure it's a navy blue but not a black blue (does that make sense?) and chocolate brown instead of tan or light brown.
Any questions? Ask me!

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