Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surprise Findings

I went home about a month ago and wound up going to the Target near my house to browse their clothing selections. Usually I can always find something cute there, whether it be for work, church or every day/school wear. I found a BUNCH of cute stuff except for a dress.

On a whim, I decided to look at their maternity wear (gasp!)

And guess what?

Its super soft and yellow on top, with small horizontal stripes going across it. There's a little pocket on the left side as well. At the waist, it's stretchy because it's obviously made for someone with a baby bump. The bottom of the dress is a solid charcoal color. It comes down to right above my knee. I love it!

I wore it to my internship Monday for Labor Day and I'm hoping to wear it again maybe out with friends or to church. Maternity wear has definitely become more wearable and cuter over the last few decades. Forever21 recently dropped their own maternity line (I don't know yet how I feel about that).I'm not ashamed to take a peek at specifically Target's line. They always have cute clothes in general, and their maternity wear is no different.

You would never know my dress was meant for an expectant mother unless I told you. Don't be afraid to try their stuff on, it might just surprise you!

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